OSICAM model ?

Developing and implementing a customer strategy in 6 steps

Many essays have been written about the customer relationship management and this concept is now well understood.

Our missions with our customers led us to develop the OSICAM model in order to help our associates to understand customer relationship goals.

In this basis, the transformation of companies’ "data" into customer knowledge then in relational strategy is a real competitive advantage.

The use of “data” associated with an understanding of customers expectations guarantee a turnover growth and optimizes companies’ profitability.

The OSICAM model will provide you throughout this process the keys to establish a coherent, coordinated, convergent and synchronized strategy.

OSICAM white paper

Thanks to this white paper, you will learn the 6 steps to implement a customer strategy :

  • Organize 
  • Segment
  • Interact
  • Collect
  • Add
  • Measure

Do not hesitate to download it !